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We’re working with like-minded partners to offer the core features of our platform to their clients. Spiritus offers a variety of integration services: from APIs for CMMS, EAS, FSM, QMS and GRC systems, to library-driven automation of safety notices, standards, regulations and controls. 

Our partners can take advantage of Spiritus’s state-of-the-art capabilities and flexible integration to set themselves apart from their rivals and attract new customers in a competitive marketplace.


Why partner with us?

In a business environment marked by increased risk, financial penalties, and regulatory scrutiny, customers in high-stakes industries share common challenges. How do they ensure action is being taken to keep their assets in good order? How do they provide governing bodies and regulators with assurance that they are meeting the highest standards of reliability, transparency and auditability? 

By partnering with Spiritus, you can offer a new level of assurance, made possible by cutting-edge distributed ledger technology. Together we can create opportunities to overcome organisational complexity, reduce response times for recalls and safety issues and improve safety, security and compliance for all critical assets.

Find out more about our partnership programme and how we can work together to advance your business strategy and objectives.

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