Digital service records and analytics for high-stakes industries.


Are your devices, equipment and facilities safe and in good order?  

Service records should provide this reassurance. Instead, silos in your organisation and fragmentation across your ecosystem mean your assets’ service histories are also siloed and fragmented. Meanwhile the number and complexity of assets in your inventory continues to grow.

Barcodes, RFID tags and asset management databases can help, but still leave you sifting through a maddening mix of data, documents, workflows and systems.

You struggle to stay on top of recalls, field notices and safety alerts. You can’t respond quickly to software vulnerabilities or attacks. You hope that regulators won’t look too closely. 

This not only leaves you exposed. It also puts lives on the line.


Introducing digital service records and analytics for high-stakes industries.

Service Record

We’re pioneering digital service records you can rely on to ensure your critical assets are safe, secure and compliant across their entire operating lives.

  • Service actions are recorded on a cryptographically secure, permissioned, distributed ledger.

  • All parties involved in safety, security and compliance add to the record, creating a traceable history of the asset's whole operating life.

  • These up-to-date and verifiable service records are used to reduce risks and ensure everything’s in good order.

  • Recalls, field notices and safety alerts are quickly actioned and corrective actions comprehensively recorded.

Why high-stakes industries need

digital service records

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They reveal the whole picture.

Spiritus’s permissioned, shared ledger enables comprehensive service histories that map an asset’s entire lifecycle while providing visibility at the point of use and the point of accountability. 

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They provide certainty when it counts.

Spiritus’s service records are verified, encrypted, tamper evident, and stored in a decentralized ledger. This makes them highly resistant to fraud and attacks.


They integrate flexibly with existing systems.

Spiritus integrates with your existing asset or device registries and databases and other elements in your asset management ecosystem, from sensors and RFID tags to maintenance systems and control libraries.


Improve the safety, security and compliance of your critical assets and infrastructure.


Reduce risk by targeting vulnerabilities and known faults. 

Records that are more complete and reliable across your entire asset inventory enable you to: 

  • Trace problems more easily and accurately. 

  • Take preventative and corrective action more quickly and efficiently.

  • Reduce costs and free up resource. 

  • Save lives.

Ensure and demonstrate compliance. 

Records that are easier to cross reference against regulatory requirements, industry standards, recalls and other bulletins and guidance allow you to:

  • Quickly repair or upgrade vulnerable assets.

  • Prove to inspectors, auditors and regulators that proper checks have been carried out and controls are adequate and effective.

Life Sciences

Increase accountability and transparency. 

Records that are easy to trace, up to date, verified and readily retrievable enable you to:

  • Conduct more efficient, accurate, and frequent audits, and create opportunities for continuous and/or automated auditing. 

  • Assure governing bodies and regulators that steps have been taken to keep your assets safe, secure and compliant across the chain of custody and throughout their service life.



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Contract Maintenance Organizations:
Prove that safety, security and compliance matters.


Our solution is also ideally suited for contractors who need to demonstrate that they are taking action to keep their clients’ assets in good order. 


Our technology is easy to scale across your entire customer base, making it cost-effective while maintaining flexibility. 


When you partner with Spiritus, you not only demonstrate your commitment to innovation; you also demonstrate your commitment to safety, security and compliance.


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