When every device is a snowflake.

Volumes and complexity are exploding. Innovation’s often a double-edged sword. Cycle times to recognition, attribution, recall and remediation stretch out to months, if not years. The result - thousands of unnecessary injuries, complications and deaths.

No manufacturer or health system wants to be party to this; but they are.

According to McKinsey, medical device manufacturers lose over 7% of top-line revenues to quality events. That’s over $30 billion globally and rising.

Health systems are on the hook too in a value-based setting. No more externalizing costs of complications, prolonged stays and readmissions.

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Medical device life cycle management

Service Record

A single service history… for life.

Built for blockchain, our solution works where other systems and processes fail because we enable our clients – health systems, manufacturers and 3rd party service providers - to share key data selectively and act quickly when it matters most.

No longer stymied by silos, they gain unprecedented transparency and assurance across a medical device’s life cycle – upstream in the supply chain and downstream to the point of care.

Duty of care enabled at the point of care.

  • Improve patient safety and clinical outcomes

  • Reduce malfunction and cybersecurity risks

  • Improve efficiency and capital utilization

  • Leverage data to support real-world evidence gathering and risk-sharing