When every device is a snowflake.

Volumes and complexity are exploding. Over 20% of devices are connected, and cybersecurity related recalls are rising at alarming rates. More generally, cycle times to recognize, attribute, recall and remedy issues may stretch out months, if not years.

The result - higher operational costs, revenue impact and, in worst cases, thousands of unnecessary injuries, complications and deaths.

No manufacturer or health system wants to be party to this; but they are.

According to McKinsey, medical device manufacturers lose over 7% of top-line revenues to quality events. That’s over $30 billion globally and rising.

Health systems are on the hook too in a value-based setting. No more externalizing costs of complications, prolonged stays and re-admissions.

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Medical device life cycle management

Service Record

A single service history… for life.

Built for blockchain, our solution works where other systems and processes fail because we enable our clients – health systems, manufacturers and 3rd party service providers - to share key data selectively and act quickly when it matters most.

No longer stymied by silos, they gain unprecedented transparency and assurance across a medical device’s life cycle – upstream in the supply chain and downstream to the point of care.

Think CARFAX™ for medical devices.

Duty of care enabled at the point of care.

  • Improve patient safety and clinical outcomes

  • Reduce malfunction and cybersecurity risks

  • Improve efficiency and capital utilization

  • Leverage data to support real-world evidence gathering and risk-sharing