When every device is a snowflake.

Volumes and complexity are exploding. Innovation’s often a double-edged sword. Cycle times to recognition, attribution, recall and remediation stretch out to months, if not years. The result - thousands of unnecessary injuries, complications and deaths.

No manufacturer or health system wants to be party to this; but they are.

According to McKinsey, medical device manufacturers lose over 7% of top-line revenues to quality events. That’s over $30 billion globally and rising.

Health systems are on the hook too in a value-based setting. No more externalizing costs of complications, prolonged stays and readmissions.

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Medical device life cycle management

The Spiritus solution was purpose-built by a team raised in data intelligence, risk management and compliance. Its sole focus is using DLT/blockchain, machine learning, geospatial services and data analytics to efficiently provide traceable, verifiable and actionable records of a medical device’s safety, quality and compliance status. 

Our APIs and EDI integrations allow Spiritus’s clients to connect the dots quickly across data, systems and organizations. No longer stymied by silos, they gain unprecedented transparency and assurance across a medical device’s life cycle – upstream in the supply chain and downstream to the point of care.  

Our solution works where other systems and processes fail because we enable our clients – health systems, manufacturers and 3rd party service providers - to share key data selectively and act quickly when it matters most.

Service Record

A single service history… for life. Think CARFAX™ for medical devices.

Duty of care enabled at the point of care.


Clinical engineers, BMETs and supply chain staff can stay ahead of problems - in hospitals, clinics or at home with patients.

Medical device manufacturers gain vastly improved traceability, transparency and verifiability to improve post-market surveillance and adverse event management - the big “must do’s” for regulatory compliance.