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We’re working with industry leaders in high-stakes sectors who need assurance that safety, security and compliance measures have been taken across the operating life of their assets and facilities. 



Healthcare providers are struggling to manage a growing number of devices that are increasingly connected, interoperable, instrumented and intelligent. While these devices can improve patient outcomes, they also create risks for patient safety if you do not properly control for and address vulnerabilities, faults and other problems.

When things go wrong, and patients’ lives are on the line, you need to take corrective and preventative action quickly. Too, regulators are insisting on improved, continuous post-market surveillance and adverse event management to protect patient safety, privacy, and security. 



Whether your assets are in use within a hospital, day or community facilities, or as part of home-based care, our solution can help ensure your entire inventory is in good order and put patient safety first: 


Improve clinical outcomes and reduce patient safety risks.

Manage your devices and equipment using risk-based assessments and informed judgement.  Gain greater assurance that device condition, calibration, configuration and use are safe, secure and compliant along clinical pathways and episodes of care.


Faster cycles times for recalls and incident management.

Quickly respond to recalls, field notices, safety alerts and internal bulletins.  Canvass inventory across multiple facilities and perform risk-based assessments to prioritise service actions - in hospital, community care facilities and home-based settings. 


Increased transparency and assurance for examiners.

Streamline asset lifecycle management and clinical workflows. Give examiners and regulators confidence that the right things are getting done on time.

Life Science

Life sciences

In a laboratory setting, precision matters. Your team needs its equipment and instrumentation to be in good working order to achieve accurate results. 

But safety, security and compliance are also on the line. You need to be sure that proper procedures are being followed when it comes to storing specimens, conducting tests, or handling hazardous waste. Regulators and accrediting bodies insist on rigorous examinations, with high penalties for failure. 

With so many different parties involved in the safety, security and compliance of your assets and facilities, you need records that can handle this complexity and provide assurance that proper procedure is being followed to the letter. 

Our solution allows you to prove to your customers, inspectors and regulators that you are taking appropriate steps to manage risks and maintain compliance with CLIA, GCLP, BARQA and relevant ISO standards.



Offshore oil and gas operators rely on dozens, if not hundreds of vendors, all relevant to health, safety and environmental (HS&E) compliance. At end of life - from cessation of production to decommissioning - the parties may change, but HS&E obligations remain.

You need records that allow you to track and actively manage asset integrity, often across vast topside and sub-sea infrastructures as well as marine and aerial operations.  Preventative action helps you maintain up-time.  But, health and safety of people and the environment are also on the line. If things go wrong, the adverse impact could last years.  Steep financial penalties and significant damage to your company's reputation could also ensue.

Our solution allows you to share data securely amongst all parties as part of day-to-day operations and through complex lengthy decommissioning programmes.  It also helps you provide executive management, inspectors and regulators with greater assurance about your adherence to safety case regimes. 

Oil and Gas

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