Pioneering the next generation of medical device servicing and healthcare operations

Spiritus introduces the next generation of service records for medical device management. We provide industry leaders with assurance that safety, security and compliance measures have been taken across the operating life of their assets and facilities.

Our solution enables all involved parties to record evidence of these service actions on a cryptographically secure, permissioned, distributed ledger. This reduces risk, improves compliance and reduces the costs of inspection, testing, certification and audits - ultimately giving operators, examiners and regulators confidence that standards, procedures and controls are being followed at the point of use and accountability.

Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, we have established a development centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the Spiritus team joins a community of top-flight talent, world-class universities, and government-sponsored innovation centres deeply committed to developing cutting-edge advances in healthcare, energy and other critical infrastructure industries.