Our Mission


Promote Patient Safety and Support Improved Clinical Outcomes

Inspired by shared value principles, Spiritus is dedicated to promoting patient safety and supporting improved clinical outcomes in the use of medical devices.  Our success is central to the aims of our clients - hospitals, health systems, and payers - as well as the interests of medical device manufacturers and regulators.  


Patient Safety

Medical devices are increasingly instrumented, interoperable, connected, and intelligent - what's often called the Internet of Health Things (IoHT).  For patients, health providers, and payers, such advances are a two-edged sword.  With such innovation comes a higher risk of injuries, complications, and unnecessary deaths.  In turn, regulators in the US, EU and elsewhere have raised the bar significantly.  They're insisting on improved, continuous post-market surveillance and adverse event management to protect patient safety, privacy, and security.   

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Improved clinical outcomes are at the forefront of key stakeholders' interests and activities.  And medical devices have a huge role to play in making things happen.  When something goes wrong, though, a device may be implicated due to design flaws, manufacturing problems, handling issues, or unrecognized security vulnerabilities.  At these times, there's a premium placed on rapidly tracking and tracing devices and staging them for repair, removal or disposal - from loading docks, stock rooms, surgical theaters, and clinical units to outpatient facilities, pharmacies, or a patient's home.

Cost ManagemenT, Efficiency and productivity

"Do more with less while still improving quality and safety".   Traditional patient-GP models and all-purpose hospitals are giving way to remote delivery and self-management enabled by eHealth and facilities specialization.  In the long run, such changes promise to square the circle between safety, outcomes and costs.  Here too, medical devices figure large in realizing the benefits of such transformation.  Once again though, should something go wrong, faster recognition and response to adverse events involving medical devices are critical to reducing the costs and risks of avoidable injuries, complications, and deaths.

At Spiritus, we understand the issues.  We're committed to accelerating change across the ecosystem through our secure, cloud-based device registry, chain of custody, and advanced analytics solutions.  We're marshalling a combination of proven enterprise-class software and promising emergent technologies - from the point of care to the points of accountability and control.  We're driven to deliver cost-effective, complementary solutions that leverage existing infrastructure and initiatives to make a difference - for patients, providers and payers.